About Beth

Hey, I'm Beth!

My super creative family.

I came from a super clever and crafty family. My mom was always creating something. From little wood block dolls to the streaming ribbon barrettes that adorned my childhood mane. My dad? He can build anything. Toy boxes, lego tables for my house growing up to all of my displays, and a workbench in my studio. My grandma Buggy made these gorgeous fabric baby dolls with painted faces and movable limbs that I adored. Or she’d knit us all hats and scarves. She also made my senior prom dress which I still have to this day! I marvel at her beautiful work. My grandmother Eischen made everything from my first communion dress, our matching Easter ensembles to my college cocktail dresses. 

Entrepreneur out of the womb!

I had hotdog and lemonade stands and h greeting cards selling them to my elderly neighbors. I made my 7 southern belle costumes with hooped skirts out of yellow ruffled curtains from the thrift store and wire. So very Gone with the Wind! I dabbled in projects like refinishing an antique dresser that I had in my teens, stenciling anything that wasn’t nailed down in college to making my glistening wire Halloween wings in grad school.

The core inspiration behind Lilipad Creations.

It wasn’t until Lil was born that my creativity exploded. I started sewing almost immediately and by the time she was 3 months old I had a little side gig. I didn’t like anything in the stores.  So, on the weekends I made and sold baby apparel such as appliqués, onesies, tutus, headbands, and play quilts.

I worked the farmers' markets circuit all over the south San Francisco Bay Area. Then after we moved back to SYRACUSE, I started my Ph.D. When Simie was born, I exploded with more creative energy. I hated all of the diaper bags out there and also needed to make a birthday gift for my mama so I got to stitching. I was on maternity leave and super poor from no graduate stipend, so I fired up the LiliPad business again, making all of the bags.

The rest is history.

I’ve literally met thousands of people because of my bags. I’ve made dear friends I will have forever. LiliPad has changed my life. It all started because I was an inspired new mom, loving to create for the little human I cherished most in the world. My muse. My Lil. She’s growing up. No longer skipping LiliPads. She’s making her mark and she’s fierce.